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Training Courses

  • NEW! SOMB Introduction and Guiding Principles online course REGISTER HERE
  • NEW! Adult Standards Definitions online course REGISTER HERE
  • SOMB Lunch and Learn Webinar on Policy Update  REGISTER HERE
  • Juvenile Standards and Guidelines Section 11 online course REGISTER HERE
  • Adult Standards and Guidelines Section 5.740 online course REGISTER HERE
  • Adult Standards and Guidelines Section 5.700 online course REGISTER HERE
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  • Changes to Child Contact Assessment (Screening) - Video Overview - 1/2019
  • Pre-recorded webinar on SVP Community Notification for law enforcement View Here
  • SOMB Monthly Online Lunch and Learns
    • The Lunch and Learns are web-based one-hour monthly trainings over the lunch hour hosted by the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) and the Division of Criminal Justice. They are intended to assist approved treatment providers, evaluators and polygraph examiners who are under the SOMB purview with the implementation of the Standards and provide technical assistance on specific case challenges. Our staff tries to partner with other subject matter experts in the field for these discussions and appreciates the collaboration that takes place.

      This is an opportunity for our approved providers to:
      ·        Be updated as to recent events at the Board meeting.
      ·        Obtain the most current information regarding changes to the Standards and Guidelines.
      ·        Discuss implementation of those Standards and Guidelines in your community and within your teams.
      ·        To identify challenges to your work and learn from peers how they are managing similar challenges.
      ·        Obtain technical assistance from staff.
      Approved providers that attend a lunch and learn are able to receive a training credit by participating in a content-based post-training survey. A recording of the lunch and learn can be accessed by other providers to be viewed on their own time, however, they will not be able to receive a training credit. Some of the topics covered have been: Roles of a Victim rep on the CST/MDTs, Continuity of Care, Child Contact, Revisions to Juvenile Standards Updates, Polygraph, New Probation Terms and Conditions, SOMB purview and variance process.

      If you are an approved treatment provider and would like to listen to the lunch and learn recording or your stakeholder group is interested in a webinar covering any of these topics, please contact us here

Training not sponsored by Sex Offender Management Board: