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Advanced Series Training Courses

Strangulation & Lethality Training
January 16, 2018  8:30 - 4:30 
2105 Decatur St.
Denver, CO 80211

SOMB Conference

Sex Offender Management Board 12th Annual Conference
"Making a Difference, Working Together to Prevent Sexual Violence" 


Training not sponsored by Sex Offender Management Board:

Kempe Center

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Prevention of Abusive and Sexual Behavior Problems In Childhood and Adolescence

The Trainer Training:  January 10,11,12, 2018     OR    March 28-30,  2018

After 30 years at the Kempe Center, studying the concept of ‘Perpetration Prevention’ to learn why people become abusive

and how we might reduce the risk of kids becoming abusive and continuing that behavior across the lifespan,

the trainer training uses a 4 part curriculum to expedite the sharing of information across communities.

Within that curriculum is information relevant for virtually every adult involved in children’s’ lives from birth to adulthood.

Professionals, paraprofessionals, parents and alternative care providers learn strategies aimed to help kids be successful

at the same time we insist they not be abusive. The curriculum has been used to train groups of trainers in 20 states,

as well as dozens of individuals who have come to Denver to be trained.



“ Treatment of Sexually Abusive Youth: A Goal Oriented Approach”

The Certificate Class:  February 26  -- March 3,  2018

The certificate course is designed for clinicians and program directors who work with juveniles who have already been

abusive to others.  Such courses have been taught in a variety of settings since the early 1990’s, now using the 3rdEdition of the

textbook:  Juvenile Sexual Offending:  Causes Consequences and Correction (2010) Ryan, Leversee & Lane.

In academic tradition, class participants are required to do pre-reading, receive 40 contact hours in class and are tested for

comprehension and retention in order to receive the certificate.  In small classes, it provides an intensive learning experience

for newcomers  as well as seasoned clinicians.

For additional information, contact: or 303-864-5300 


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