Civil Rights Laws, Policies, and Provisions

Federal Civil rights laws (sometimes referred to as "cross-cutting" federal civil rights statutes).  These apply to essentially any entity that receives an award of federal financial assistance -- regardless of which federal agency awards the grant or cooperative agreement -- and encompass the "program or activity" funded in whole or in part with the federal financial assistance.


Nondiscrimination Provisions. Requirements or restrictions that apply to certain DOJ awards -- in addition to the civil rights laws -- because they are set out in a statute that applies specifically to one or more particular DOJ grant programs, or to DOJ awards made under a particular legal authority.  Much like the civil rights laws, these provisions may apply variously to the programs, activity, or undertaking funded in whole or in part by DOJ.


Other U.S.  Code and other Federal Guidance regarding Civil Rights. Requirements or restrictions that apply to all DCJ federal awards.