Jail Data Collection


House Bill 19-1297 enacted in May 31, 2019 requires county jails to collect information regarding their facility and inmates and report this information to the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) on a quarterly basis.  The bill may be found here

Due Dates

Submissions are due the third Friday of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July and October), with the first report due January 17, 2020.

If a jail fails to submit a report within thirty days of the due date, the Executive Director of Public Safety is mandated to notify the jail that they are not in compliance ( C.R.S. 17-26-118(4)(c) ).

Data Submission Format

DCJ has created an Excel Spreadsheet which contains the items mandated by HB19-1297.  The spreadsheet can be downloaded at Jail Capacity Template v1.xlsx


Documentation on the data collection requirements can be downloaded from: HB19-1297 Documentation.pdf

Where to Send Submissions

Submissions can be emailed to cdps_dcj_hb1297@state.co.us

Questions about the reporting requirements or problems reporting may also be sent to this address.