State Fleet Authorizations

Authorizations for Repairs

Call Center — Repair Authorizations, Analysis, Repair History 
Accident Processing — Reporting, Recovery, Subrogation, and Assessment


Fleet Call Center Contact Information

Phone: 303-866-5566  |  Toll-Free: 800-356-3846

FAX: 303-866-5580

When procedures are followed, Call Center technicians are able to monitor service and repair requests for state vehicles. By utilizing their expertise in automotive operations and information in the CARS database, these professionals ensure that needed work is done at a fair and reasonable cost to the State. By checking maintenance schedules, history, and reported mileage they are able to recommend work that can be done at the same time as the requested work and save vehicle operators from having to make a second trip AND prevent duplicate work from being done. They also provide valuable guidance regarding the cost effectiveness of repairs on vehicles that are approaching the end of their life cycle and full accident processing.


Adam Boyd, Technical Services Manager


Russ Townsend, Call Center

Mike Maestas, Call Center

Glen Jones, Call Center & Accidents

For Accidents: