Smoke Free State Buildings & Grounds

No smokingExecutive Order B 2018 011 — Amending Executive Order D 0036 90

Regarding Smoking in State Buildings and Further Directing State Agencies to Take Action to Limit the Use of Tobacco Products, Vaping Products, and E-Cigarettes by Youth

Pursuant to Executive Order B 2018 011, issued by Governor John Hickenlooper on the second day of November, 2018, smoking, vaping, and the sale of tobacco products, vaping products, and e-cigarettes are prohibited in all buildings and on all grounds owned or leased by the State under the control of the executive branch.

This Executive Order takes steps that are within existing agency authority.

•        It extends the current prohibition on smoking in state buildings to e-cigarettes and vaping. It also extends prohibitions on smoking and vaping to the grounds of state buildings, not just the buildings themselves (i.e. it creates smoke free campuses).

Capitol Complex will begin the process of updating signage throughout the Complex and outlying buildings over the next few months informing employees of a smoke free campus. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with making state offices a healthier place to work.

Click here for the Executive Order regarding smoking in state buildings and on state grounds.