Customer Testimonials


"Jack went above & beyond. He repaired one light fixture. He changed two bulbs in two other light fixtures, and I'd only advised Capitol Complex of the one at my desk. He's very thorough and helpful.
Patricia Grigson
AFS-Revenue | Colorado Department of Revenue


"We have recently had the pleasure of working with Ryan for our section needs.  I want to tell you he has absolutely been a delight to work with.  He is efficient, pleasant, and has done a fantastic job handling all of our needs.  He provides a job well done. Yesterday, after fulfilling our work orders, Ryan addressed an emergency with another section while he was here.  I helped him find the room number he was looking for, and although he was met with an employee that seemed very concerned and slightly terse, Ryan had a great attitude and handled it with high professionalism; very impressive. We look forward to working with Ryan in the future, and I wanted to make sure you knew what a great job he is doing here at Pierce Building." 
Systems Support Coordinator | Driver Control | Colorado Department of Revenue



Capitol Complex Facilities Management

"I just got finished with the waste audit.  Sheila, Marty and Jessica ROCKED as usual!!  They are so helpful, I can't thank you all enough. Marty, I had to leave one bag of recycle contamination (trash) in one of the gray carts.  Thank you all again!!" 

Amanda Timmons



State Fleet Management

"I want to let you know about the excellent service that I received from Sean Murphy before, during, and after my first State Fleet rental.  Sean walked me through every step of the process, from registration to returning the car and he was pleasant, thorough, and professional throughout.  He really went the extra mile and saved me time and frustration.  It was truly a pleasure to work with him and I congratulate you on having such a dedicated person representing you.  Thanks so much!"

Linda Edwards
Budget Analyst
 | Financial Services Division | Colorado Judicial Department


Capitol Complex Facilities Management

"I want to bring to your attention that Devin Moynahan has proven to be a key essential addition to the Pierce location. Not only does the exterior in the back loading dock looked picked up, he is visible in the building fixing problems that have been long overdue. Please thank Devin for us. He sees the problems and fixes them."

Carol Gustafson Olds
Driver Testing and Education Manager | Colorado Department of Revenue


In reference to the AC Removal Schedule: The heat will kick on if the outside air temp drops below 50 degrees then the steam radiators kick in. Team will remove window AC units from OSPB offices tomorrow.

"Thank you Rick and team...very well and quickly done."

Henry Sobanet
Office of State Planning & Budgeting
 | Governor’s Office | State Capitol


"Not sure who Laura Knopping's supervisor is, but just wanted to say what a pleasure she is to deal with. Every time I have had to call her, whether it is something routine or something that got missed, she is just so pleasant, apologetic when necessary and just flat out nice. They say you can tell if someone is smiling when you're talking to them and I really do feel like she is when I call over there."

Lori Legler
Customer Service Manager
 | Department of Human Services | Office of Administrative Solutions


"We all became acquainted with Devin Moynahan in that we work at the 1881 Pierce Street location in Lakewood. Jason was kind enough to bring Devin around to introduce him before Jason was apparently re-assigned to a different facility.

We speak for a good many of us here at our facility when we say that Devin, is an individual who consistently goes above and beyond in his efforts to maintain our aging facility, and always is a professional, approachable and friendly manner. From what we all have observed, Devin has a result-oriented attitude and is focused on achieving his tasks timely, efficiently and with a winning attitude. He is always willing to help anyone, anytime, anywhere at the drop of a hat. I guess the point we are attempting to make is that great employees possess certain characteristics that make them "great." Devin is one of those "great" employees.

We all know that fitting in to the State culture can at times be challenging. That being said it is apparent to all of us that Devin meets and exceeds those challenges on a daily basis. In closing, we are happy, actually delighted to have him here, and wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge that."

Driver Testing and Education | Colorado Department of Revenue


"I need to let you know that Jason Clark did an outstanding job here at 1881 Pierce St. He will be greatly missed.  He not only did an outstanding job, but was very prompt, knowledgeable and respectful.  He did over and beyond what was asked of him.  He is a model employee."

Esther Julia Sedillos
MV Administration
 | Colorado Department of Revenue




Capitol Complex Facilities Management

"Last week we met with the Capitol Complex team to get an update on the 1575 elevator project. The project is well underway with final design to be complete in March. Once the final design is finished there is a 16 week lead time to ensure that all the materials are manufactured and delivered. 

From outside landscape upgrades, fresh paint and new carpet we have had a good partnership with Capitol Complex as we work to improve the conditions for the employees and visitors of 1575."

Susan Beckman
Office of Administrative Solutions | Department of Human Services 


State Fleet Management

"I often use a state car for travels and wanted to report back how pleased I am with the service. In particular, I wanted to point out how fantastic it is to work with Sean Murphy. He is just always helpful and figures out even the most peculiar of problems. I always feel like nothing can go wrong because Sean is there to help out. Sometimes we get a little frantic and only provide feedback when it's negative or we're not so happy. I wanted to make sure that I recognized Sean for the support he provides me. My work is enhanced because Sean takes such good care of me."

Joe Wismann-Horther
Integration Program Supervisor
 | Colorado Refugee Services Program | Colorado Department of Human Services



"I want to thank you for being so helpful this past Thursday as I attempted to use the state motor pool system for the first time. I hadn’t planned on needing a state car and really didn’t have much time to learn how to make arrangements so I was feeling pretty stressed when I began the process.  You not only enabled me to figure out the system, but your cheerful attitude made a difference in my day. Thanks for doing your job so well!"

Melissa Colsman, PhD
Executive Director | Teaching and Learning Unit | Colorado Department of Education


"Thank you, Renee. You are so awesome!  You are always able to supply me with the information I need, and you do it so quickly. I appreciate your fantastic customer service skills and everything you've taught me about commuting and fleet billing. The three and 1/2 years I've worked with you have been a pure pleasure."

Mary K. Ball
Accountant III
 | Accounting and Financial Services | Colorado Department of Revenue


"I am a new user of the state fleet or at least the centralized fleet. As I tried to find your lot and the kiosk and circled the block several times and found the alley blocked by semis, I became somewhat frustrated. When I finally figured out where I was going and how to get there, I used the kiosk only to have it tell me that the car keys were not there. By that time I was late, cold and frustrated. And then came Sean!  Despite it being a holiday, he answered the phone, solved my key problem, patiently answered my ignorant questions and generally was so kind and helpful that I was able to both get the vehicle I needed and get over the frustration. Later in the day (still on the holiday) when I called again to report a problem with the car (burnt out right front blinker), he didn't answer right away but did call back within a few minutes."

"Thank you, Sean, for making a potentially terrible experience into a great one. I really appreciate all you did."

Grace Sandeno
Trauma Program Manager
 | Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division | Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


"Wow, thanks Dave.  I feel like it's "A Miracle on 34th Street" for APCD.  It's certainly a "Wonderful Life" when you get a new used vehicle that actually works. "God Bless us - Everyone!" 

Pat McGraw 


"Ron: I don't know if everyone I am listing here works for you, but please accept my great thanks to you, Theresa Harris and Renee Covard. With both the cards issue and the title transfers of the vehicles from us to CDPS, you all really came through for us and made this emergency situation and the transfer of the vehicles so much easier than I could have thought possible. It is our pleasure to work with such great folks!"

JoAnn Groff 
Property Tax Administrator
 | Division of Property Taxation | Colorado Department of Local Affairs


State Fleet Management

"Ron: Thank you so much for your inquiry. David Russell took good care of me while you were gone, I didn't even notice your absence! As a matter of fact that vehicle is back in our possession as of 7:00 ish this morning! I do need to ask, David, that you transfer the gas charge card back to us and any other charges that are applicable. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. Once again DPA has been a great partner!"

JoAnn Groff 
Property Tax Administrator | Division of Property Taxation | Colorado Department of Local Affairs


"I just wanted to send a quick kudos and thank you for Sean Murphy! In September, I was downtown with one of our fleet vehicles that died. Sean came over to the parking garage and jumped the vehicle to get it started and directed me to the nearest fleet service area. When it died again, in the middle of Lincoln while I was trying to get to the service station, Sean once again came to my rescue. Rather than sending me on my way he had me pull the car into the parking lot behind 1525 Sherman and leave it with him. He took care of getting the battery replaced, some regular maintenance needs taken care of, and called me the following day when it was ready. Not only did Sean exhibit great customer service he went that extra mile."

Jenifer Gurr 
Chief Administrative Officer 
 | Colorado Department of Agriculture