Ceremonial Flag Request Program


Honor a colleague, family member, volunteer, or someone else celebrating a special milestone by having a Ceremonial Colorado State or United States flag flown at the State Capitol Building.  Honorees will receive flown flags folded in the traditional thirteen-point style, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity bearing the Governor's signature and embossed State Seal.  

NOTICE: As of April 1, 2020, we will NOT be accepting cash payments until further notice. Please make payments by CHECK ONLY. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will update the website accordingly.

Ceremonial Colorado State flags are available in both nylon ($28.00) and bunting ($26.00).  United States flags are available in nylon ($29.00) and bunting ($26.00).  All flags are 3' x 5' in size.

Flags may be mailed via United States Postal Service for $10.00 per flag.  Flags may also be picked up by requestors at the Ceremonial Flag Program office.

Requests for flags MUST be submitted using the Ceremonial Flag Request Form.

A confirmation will be e-mailed to you.  Print confirmation page and submit with CHECK ONLY (NO CASH) payment to:

State of Colorado
Attn: Ceremonial Flag Program
1525 Sherman St, #B15
Denver, CO 80203

All checks should be made payable to: State of Colorado.  Please place the name of the honoree in memo field of the check.  State Agencies wishing to submit an IT must create an ITI in CORE with the following ID prefix:  ITI AAGA 8100. Please put "8100" in the Unit and ID fields and select "Auto Number". Use Event Type XN64. Make sure the "Initiator" is set to "Receiver/Buyer". Email dpa_ccfaccounting@state.co.us when complete.

Please note:  Flags cannot be flown until payment is received. 

All instructions will print on your confirmation page.

If you experience any issues or don't receive an email confirmation, please contact our main help desk at 303-866-4357 or email dpa_ceremonialflags@state.co.us.



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