Talent Awards

Colorado Talent Champion Awards

The inaugural Colorado Talent Champion Awards were given at the Sectors Summit to recognize the outstanding achievements of so many passionate leaders and organizations. Agencies and strategic partners selected talent champions recognizing strong leaders and partners.

Colorado 2017 Talent Champion
Ellen Golombek, (former) Executive Director
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

Colorado Workforce Development Council's Talent Champion
Kelly Folks, Director Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
For her work leading the State Youth Council

Colorado Business Roundtable’s Talent Champion
Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, President, CSU-Global

Colorado Succeeds' Talent Champion
IBM P-TECH Model, accepted by Ray Johnson

Colorado Department of Education’s Talent Champion
Colorado Succeeds; CEO Scott Laband

Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Talent Champion
Jeff Barrett, Executive Director, Emily Griffith Technical College

Colorado Department of Labor & Employment,
Workforce Development Programs’ Talent Champion
Joe Barela, Skillful (former Director AD/Works!)

Colorado Office of Career & Technical Education’s Talent Champion
Lynn Vosler, Workforce, Front Range Community College

Skillful’s Talent Champion
Paul Harter, CEO, AquaHot

Colorado 2017 Sectors Summit Partner Extraordinaire
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment - Workforce Development Programs,
accepted by Bill Dowling and Elise Lowe-Vaughn


Sector partnerships provide a perfect environment to advance work-based learning. The following sector partnerships were recognized for their leadership and impact across the full spectrum of the work-based learning continuum.

Sector Partnership Work-Based Learning Awards:

Learning About Work Award
for Career Awareness & Exploration
Small Community
Southeast Colorado Healthcare

Learning About Work Award
for Career Awareness & Exploration
Large Community
Northern Colorado Manufacturing Sector Partnership

Learning Through Work Award
for Career Preparation
Northeastern Colorado Manufacturing

Learning At Work Award
for Career Training
Greater Metro Denver Healthcare Partnership

2018 TalentFOUND Talent Champion Awards

Award Program Details

Many partners in the TalentFOUND network currently issue awards related to talent development. Current common industry awards categories include:

  • Outstanding Talent Champion
  • Diversity Champion
  • Educator of the Year

Winners of industry and sector awards related to Colorado’s talent development network are automatically qualified as nominees for the annual TalentFOUND Talent Champion Awards..

Please fill out this form to submit your award winner to the 2018 TalentFOUND Talent Champion Awards. It takes a couple of minutes to submit your award winners for consideration - no long nomination form required!

2018 Timeline:

  • January - November: Organizations issue talent related awards. 
  • December 15, 2018: Deadline for awarding organizations to submit the names of their winners as nominees to TalentFOUND awards.
  • January 2019:  2018 TalentFOUND Talent Champion awards announced.