State Technical Assistance Team (STAT)

Capacity and expertise to fuel growth of Colorado’s industry-led sector partnerships

The CWDC calls on core partner agencies to play a leadership role in advancing Colorado's industry-led sector partnerships. This virtual capacity model is transforming the way state agencies interoperate to support sector strategies. STAT members provide technical assistance to regional, industry-led sector partnerships including implementing important frameworks and programs such as career pathways systems building and work-based learning.

STAT Members

Program Director:  Wendy Brors, Colorado Workforce Development Council

Talent Development Experts

  • Abby Ault, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Courtney Popp, Dept of Labor & Employment
  • David Griffin, Rural Workforce Consortium
  • Fred Franko, Dept of Labor & Employment
  • Galen Mitchell, Dept of Education
  • Jennifer Jirous-Rapp, Dept of Labor & Employment
  • Jennifer Scilacci, Dept of Labor & Employment
  • Judy Emery, Urban Workforce Alliance
  • Melissa Martin, Community College System
  • Renise Walker, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Robin Russel, Dept of Education
  • ShaJuana Williams, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Thomas Hartman, Colorado Workforce Development Council

Economic Development Experts

  • Max Math, Dept of Local Affairs
  • Meridith Marshall, Office of Economic Development and International Trade

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