Sectors Strategies


Sector strategies come to life through industry-led, public-private partnerships where collective business priorities are addressed.  Colorado is home to many such partnerships and CWDC provides technical assistance to advance them, specifically:

We believe change happens locally and embrace a regional approach operating through Colorado's 14 economic regions.

We believe industries have unique needs and convene Colorado’s 14 major industries, those that drive our state’s economy through innovation and growth.

Importance of Being Industry-Led

Industry-led means that businesses have come together to identify and work on initiatives that they collectively agree are vital to the health and growth of their sector. In Colorado, we take this very seriously as we have found that without business at the table, setting the agenda and owning building and implementing the solution, that Colorado’s talent development system becomes fragmented, misaligned to job opportunities, and inefficient.

Together, we can build on strengths, address new challenges and seize new opportunities that will advance Colorado.

Improving Colorado’s Talent Development System

Colorado’s economy is thriving and the demand for talent is strong. Colorado’s population is growing too and the demand for a rewarding career is strong.  Additionally, the nature of work continues to evolve at an increasing rate due to innovation and technology.

There are many aspects to growing a talent pipeline of workers and continually upskilling workers to keep pace with change.

We start building the knowledge and skills we’ll eventually use in our work while at school. During that time, It helps for students to have an opportunity to become aware of the wide range of career opportunities (with a focus on those available in Colorado), to gain exposure to work areas that interest them and ideally to participate in work-based learning to optimally prepare them for the workplace.

In Colorado, we are fortunate to have an entrepreneurial and innovative economy, one that is founded on talent and continues to build jobs requiring advanced and evolving skills. Mainstream players of the talent development network include:

  • Hiring organizations offering jobs
  • Students learning to acquire desired competencies
  • Seekers searching for jobs or promotions
  • Education and training providers preparing people for work
  • Workforce providers helping assess, recruit and place people in work
  • Legislators easing the system, from access to infrastructure

For Colorado’s talent development system to reach higher levels of performance, we require layers of connected networks to enable collaboration and flow of vital information to ensure a person can move seamlessly within the ecosystem.  Connected networks include:

  • Regional Sector Partnerships
  • Trade Associations (also referred to as Industry Intermediaries)
  • Workforce Development Boards
  • Academic Advisory Councils
  • Economic Development Boards
  • Non-profit community organizations
  • For-profit businesses


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