Sector Strategies

What are sector strategies?

Sector strategies are industry-led approaches to addressing the concerns of the talent development network.

What is a sector partnership?

Sector partnerships are regional collaborations of employers within one industry sector or cluster that work closely with government, education and training, economic development, labor and community organizations to focus on the workforce and other competitiveness needs of their industry. These regional partnerships may or may not have support from the state and/or federal level.

Sector partnerships act as a vehicle to develop and implement industry-driven solutions related to talent, infrastructure, innovation, export promotion, marketing, and other shared competitiveness needs. Sector partnerships result in:

  • Immediate actions that strengthen industry competitiveness and improve workforce and education outcomes;
  • Longer-term transformation of how public programs work with employers as partners (and not just as customers), and;
  • New mobilizations of business leaders as champions to build stronger education and workforce systems and promote economic vitality in their communities.

Nationally, businesses that actively participate in sector partnerships report:

  • 41% reduction in turnover
  • 84% significant increases in productivity