Sector Partnerships

Colorado has been launching and growing sector partnerships for over 11 years through a framework that fosters industry-driven alignment across economic development, workforce development and education. The state has invested in regional, public-private partnerships targeting key industries that are vital to our regional economies.  Important work is done throughout the state at the industry-led, public partner supported shared tables.

Businesses reported positive impacts from participating in a sector partnership:

  • 82% developed new or enhanced ideas for new products and/or markets
  • 91% found support in finding employees with the skills and experiences relevant to their business needs
  • ​​​82% developed new recruitment practices

Common business priorities include:

  • Talent Development
  • Market Development
  • Industry Branding and Promotion

Active Sector Partnerships in Colorado Today

More than 450 businesses are actively involved in sector partnerships across Colorado. Current Sector Partnerships include:

Map of Colorado's Economic Development Regions

Region 1

  • Northeastern Colorado Manufacturing

Region 2

  • NOCO Health Sector Partnership
  • NOCO Manufacturing​ Partnership​*

Region 3

  • Metro Denver Retail
  • ​​Greater Denver ​Tree Care​ ​Sector Partnership
  • Greater Metro Denver ​Healthcare Partnership​
  • Metro Denver Construction Sector Partnership​
  • Denver Metro​ Technology Partnership​
  • CAMA-​Metro Manufacturing

Region 4

  • COS Health
  • CAMA South

Region 5

  • Eastern Colorado Health Partnership*

Region 6

  • Southeast Healthcare Partnership​
  • Southeast Colorado Manufacturing​ ​Partnership*​​

Region 7

  • Southern Colorado Healthcare ​Sector Partnership​
  • Southern Colorado Manufacturing Partnership​*​

Region 8

  • SLV Value-Added​ Agriculture Sector Partnership ​
  • SLV He​althcare Sector Partnership​

Region 9

  • Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership​

Region 11

  • Mesa County Health Care
  • Mesa Manufacturing

Region 13

  • Upper Arkansas Health​ ​and Wellness Sector Partnership​
  • Upper Arkansas Tourism​ ​& ​Outdoor Recreation

We invite you to join an existing sector partnership in your industry and region or consider launching one.

For more information about sector partnerships, please contact