Sector Partnerships

What is a Sector Partnership in Colorado?

Colorado has been launching and growing sector partnerships for over 11 years through a framework that fosters industry-driven alignment across economic development, workforce development and education. The state has invested in regional, public-private partnerships targeting key industries that are vital to our regional economies.  Important work is done throughout the state at the industry-led, public partner supported shared tables.

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Businesses reported positive impacts from participating in a sector partnership:

  • 82% developed new or enhanced ideas for new products and/or markets
  • 91% found support in finding employees with the skills and experiences relevant to their business needs
  • ​​​82% developed new recruitment practices

Common business priorities include:

  • Talent Development
  • Market Development
  • Industry Branding and Promotion

Active Sector Partnerships in Colorado Today

Map of Colorado's Economic Development Regions

More than 450 businesses are actively involved in sector partnerships across Colorado. Current Sector Partnerships include:

Region 1

  • Northeastern Colorado Manufacturing

Region 2

  • NOCO Health Sector Partnership
  • NOCO Manufacturing​ Partnership​*

Region 3

  • Metro Denver Retail
  • ​​Greater Denver ​Tree Care​ ​Sector Partnership
  • Greater Metro Denver ​Healthcare Partnership​
  • Metro Denver Construction Sector Partnership​
  • Denver Metro​ Technology Partnership​
  • CAMA-​Metro Manufacturing

Region 4

  • COS Health
  • CAMA South

Region 5

  • Eastern Colorado Health Partnership*

Region 6

  • Southeast Healthcare Partnership​
  • Southeast Colorado Manufacturing​ ​Partnership*​​

Region 7

  • Southern Colorado Healthcare ​Sector Partnership​
  • Southern Colorado Manufacturing Partnership​*​

Region 8

  • SLV Value-Added​ Agriculture Sector Partnership ​
  • SLV He​althcare Sector Partnership​

Region 9

  • Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership​

Region 11

  • Mesa County Health Care
  • Mesa Manufacturing

Region 13

  • Upper Arkansas Health​ ​and Wellness Sector Partnership​
  • Upper Arkansas Tourism​ ​& ​Outdoor Recreation

We invite you to join an existing sector partnership in your industry and region or consider launching one.

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TalentFOUND - Improving Colorado’s Talent Development Network

Nearly all sector partnerships have identified talent development as one, if not their top business priority.  These sector partnerships have established a committee to set their strategies and action plans to improve talent development for their regional, industry sector.  Members of these business-chaired committees typically include businesses, workforce development, education (K-12, higher ed, training providers) and other relevant community partners.  Popular initiatives include:

  • Attracting people to careers in that industry
  • Building career pathway programs, including the full continuum of work-based learning opportunities
  • 78% of partnerships increased student/job seeker awareness of training/education programs