Sector Partnership Technical Assistance

CWDC provides technical assistance to advance sector partnerships.  We can help guide you through the planning, launch, and implementation of your sector partnership.​

The Sectors Steering Committee of the CWDC guides our state sector partnership strategy.

Resource Library for Conveners

The material provided below is a combination of resources from the Next Generation Sector Partnership Toolkit and Colorado-specific resources. CWDC is a founding member of the Next Generation Sector Partnership Initiative.

Click here​ to download the Next Generation Sector Partnership Training Manual.

Supplemental resources are listed below and can be downloaded individually.

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From National Next Generation

From Colorado's Sector Partnerships

MODULE 1: The Step-by-Step Process of Building Industry-Led Sector Partnerships

Step 1: Build Your Regional Support Team



Step 2: Define the Scope of Industry Focus


Step 3: Prepare to Launch


Step 4: Launch


Step 5: Move to Action: Organize the Aftermath and Begin Implementation


Step 6: Sustain and Evolve


MODULE 2: Coordinating Business Services and Outreach


MODULE 3: Serving Jobseekers and Students on the Frontline


MODULE 4: Connecting Industry-Led Partnerships to Career Pathway Systems


MODULE 5: Success Metrics of Next Gen Sector Partnerships


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