Sector Partnership Technical Assistance

CWDC provides technical assistance to advance sector partnerships.  We can help guide you through the planning, launch, and implementation of your sector partnership.

The Sectors Steering Committee of the CWDC guides our state sector partnership strategy.

Resource Library for Conveners

The material provided below is a combination of resources from the Next Generation Sector Partnership Toolkit and Colorado-specific resources. CWDC is a founding member of the Next Generation Sector Partnership Initiative.

Click here to download the Colorado Convener Guide to Next Generation Sector Partnership Training Manual.

Supplemental resources are listed below and can be downloaded individually.

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From National Next Generation

From Colorado's Sector Partnerships

MODULE 1: The Step-by-Step Process of Building Industry-Led Sector Partnerships

Step 1: Build Your Regional Support Team



Step 2: Define the Scope of Industry Focus


Step 3: Prepare to Launch


Step 4: Launch


Step 5: Move to Action: Organize the Aftermath and Begin Implementation


Step 6: Sustain and Evolve


MODULE 2: Coordinating Business Services and Outreach


MODULE 3: Serving Jobseekers and Students on the Frontline


MODULE 4: Connecting Industry-Led Partnerships to Career Pathway Systems


MODULE 5: Success Metrics of Next Gen Sector Partnerships


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