CWDC partners with other agencies and strategic partners to conduct relevant research.

Annual Talent Pipeline Report

The annual talent pipeline report explores the supply of and demand for talent in Colorado, explores innovations in talent development, and provides recommendations for addressing challenges.  

Talent Pipeline Report.

Terms of Colorado's Talent Development Network

We work better together when we can work from a common set of terms, to that end, CWDC partners with many agencies and organizations to maintain and publish this glossary.

TalentFOUND Dashboard

The presents a range of data points to show the trends behind the pathways Coloradans are taking, and the successes and challenges Colorado is facing in supporting students and job seekers, and meeting labor market demand.

Supply-Demand Brief, December 2016

The Colorado Department of Higher Education offers a brief outlining a supply-demand analysis of Colorado postsecondary graduates as they compare to anticipated job openings.

COIN Innovation Report

Annually, the Colorado Innovation Network publishes an innovation report that explores and evaluates Colorado’s innovation progress. Founded on the pillars of Talent, Ideas, Capital and Entrepreneurship, COIN examines data, statistics, and ecosystem insights across these elements which are fundamental to the promotion of innovation. The future economic growth of Colorado will depend on the state’s ability to encourage innovation in an environment conducive to its development and adoption.

2015 Innovation Report
2014 Innovation Report
2013 Innovation Report
2012 Innovation Report