TalentFOUND Quarterly Conversations: Workforce Boards, Community Colleges, and Career and Technical Colleges

June 6, 2019 - The second urban-focused TalentFOUND Quarterly Conversation took place at Ivywild School in Colorado Springs on May 30. The discussion brought together 35 representatives from workforce boards, community colleges, and career and technical colleges to discuss how they might further collaborate across systems to enhance the talent development network.

Throughout the day attendees had time to work with partners from their local areas to reflect and identify next steps and also participated in collaborative breakout groups to share ideas across areas. Additionally, two panels during the event allowed for the sharing of best practices and discussion of successful collaborations.

Q2 TF Conversation.jpg
Attendees at the Q2 TalentFOUND Quarterly Conversation

On the first panel, “Building and Strengthening Partnerships,” representatives from Pikes Peak Workforce Center, Weld County, Larimer County, Front Range Community College, Pikes Peak Community College, and Aims Community College shared the ways their networks have been able to create programs and systems benefiting students, employers, and job seekers and are responsive to the needs of industry. On the second panel, leaders from A/D Works!, Arapahoe Community College, and the Colorado Community College System talked about partnering for successful apprenticeships and shared insights about the medical assistant apprenticeship with Centura and the arborist apprenticeship.

Panel 1.jpg
Traci Marques (Pikes Peak Workforce Center), Rob Hudson (Pikes Peak Community College), Adam Crowe (Larimer County), Lynn Vosler (Front Range Community College), Jeff Smith (Aims Community College), Tami Grant (Weld County), and moderator Judy Emery (CUWA) on the panel "Building and Strengthening Partnerships."

After the event, attendees reported that they intend to build on the discussion from Colorado Springs with conversations in their own communities. We are excited to see the discussions, projects, and other efforts that result from these continued conversations in local areas.

Thank you to our partners in the Pikes Peak area for welcoming our group, and to CCCS for their assistance in planning, coordinating, and participating in the day’s sessions. Notes from the conversation will be posted on the affiliate section of the TalentFOUND gateway in the coming weeks. The rural conversation, which will be focused on similar topics with workforce and community and technical colleges, will be held in Salida on June 25.