Sector Partnership Grant Opportunities

September 10, 2019 - The CWDC supports Colorado’s network of sector partnerships by providing financial and non-financial technical assistance to partnerships throughout the state. The application window is currently open for two financial grant opportunities: the Bridge + Growth grant and a retail industry grant.

Bridge + Growth Grant (Submission deadline Sept. 25)

The CWDC is offering a Bridge + Growth financial grant to sector partnerships who are actively implementing the Colorado sector partnership model described in the Colorado Regional Sector Partnership Convener Training Workbook. The Bridge + Growth grants are intended to support the sustainability and growth of sector partnerships. 

The purpose of the grant funding is twofold: 

1. Bridge period - funding for sector partnership initiatives through October 2020. 

2. Growth period - during this period sector partnerships should incentivize business investment through a CWDC match with funding through October 2020.

Retail Industry Grant (Submission deadline Sept. 30)

As part of the Lives Empowered initiative, the CWDC is offering grant funding to eligible retail sector partnerships throughout Colorado. This grant is intended to convene retail industry employers with community partners to develop upskilling opportunities for incumbent workers using the Next Generation Sector Partnership model.  

Both grant opportunities are available for view on Colorado VSS. Applications must be submitted online at