Release of the 2018 Talent Pipeline Report

Dec 21, 2018 - The CWDC is pleased to announce the release of the fifth annual Colorado Talent Pipeline Report, developed in partnership with CDLE, CDHE, CDE, and OEDIT. The report evaluates the state of Colorado’s talent pipeline, reviews progress on recommendations from past years, and recommends strategies to meet future needs.

The report highlights top jobs — jobs that have high growth opportunities and offer a living wage — and the skills needed for success in those jobs. The majority of top jobs require postsecondary training or education, yet Colorado’s existing labor force has a postsecondary attainment rate of 56 percent. To prepare the workforce, Colorado must focus on its educational system and its role in developing Colorado’s future workforce.

However, most of the workers Colorado will need during the next 15 years are already in the workforce. And with net migration slowing, out-of-state talent cannot be relied upon to meet future demands. Therefore, Colorado should also focus on upskilling the existing labor force as well as underutilized talent pools in the state.

In addition to examining current strategies in place to help strengthen a diverse workforce, the report also illustrates how, absent action, continued job growth combined with shifting demographics could yield larger skill gaps. The conclusion of the report provides recommendations on how the state could continue to strengthen the talent pipeline.

2018 recommendations include:

  • Further develop infrastructure that supports all pathways to a meaningful career
  • Eliminate attainment gaps along the education and career pipeline
  • Strengthen collaboration and alignment at the state and local implementation levels to improve efficiency

These recommendations aim to serve as guidance for a new legislature and Governor to consider as they work for the continued economic vitality of Colorado.

Along with CDLE, CDHE, CDE, and OEDIT, the CWDC would like to thank our other partners who supported the development of the report, including the Office of State Planning and Budgeting, the State Demography Office at the Department of Local Affairs, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Regulatory Affairs, the Department of Corrections, CareerWise, Skillful, and Young Invincibles.

View the complete 2018 Talent Pipeline Report.