New Cybersecurity and Business Operations Pathways Added to Careers in Colorado

July 18, 2018

Careers In Colorado is a free online resource to help students and job seekers learn more about careers in growing industries in Colorado. As of June 2018, interactive, regional career pathways exist on the site for healthcare, construction, information technology, advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, and business operations.


  • Introductory overviews and facts about key Colorado industries and regional top jobs
  • Career pathway maps highlighting individual occupations and career progression options
  • Details about education and training program requirements and opportunities in Colorado
  • Competency information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each occupation
  • Regionally specific occupational demand and salary data across Colorado
  • Preparation information and links to community resources

Careers in Colorado was created in partnership between the Colorado Community College System, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, College in Colorado, and the Colorado Workforce Development Council.

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