The Impact of Quality Schools on Colorado

June 11, 2018

As our state prepares for election season, CWDC partner Colorado Succeeds has released a report based on a what if scenario … What if Colorado schools were the best in the nation?

The conclusion is that Colorado’s economy would receive a multi-billion-dollar boost.

The study, which is published on the new interactive website BestSchoolsCO.orgincludes:

  1. New economic data showing the impact on Colorado’s economy if our state had the best schools in the country
  2. The impact of Colorado’s skills gap on Colorado employers
  3. The education improvement strategies supported by Colorado voters and employers
  4. A gubernatorial candidate survey on key education issues

The findings are astounding: If Colorado students earned the levels of education and training needed for Colorado jobs, after 10 years it would generate a $12 billion return on investment.

We encourage you to review this information and engage in discussions about how businesses, educators, and policy makers can work together to build the workforce our state needs to keep the economy thriving.