The CWDC Office: Innovation and Integration for the Future of Work

By: Stephanie Veck, Managing Director
June 18, 2018

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) has coordinated partners over the last eight years to better align the efforts of workforce development, economic development, and education with industry’s needs for skilled talent. Together these partners have accomplished a great deal, and we are all recognized nationally as leaders in these efforts. Yet, there is still confusion, so I thought it would help to briefly summarize what the CWDC is both as a Council and the Office.

The Colorado Workforce Development Council “Council” is a powerful governor-appointed, business-led coalition leading the integration of efforts to build the Colorado talent pipeline. The CWDC Office “Office” provides strategic, administrative, technical, and logistical support to the Council, its sub-committees, and task groups; the Governors Business Experiential Learning Commission (BEL Commission); and other oversight boards responsible for integration of talent development efforts in meeting the needs of the current and future worker and economy. The Council and the Office make recommendations to the Governor on issues related to talent development issues. The Office facilitates collaboration among state agencies and partners to ensure effective and efficient leveraging of resources and to help reduce redundancy, including managing the support needed to ensure the success of this collaboration of partners and agencies. The Office carries out the recommendations and work of the Council, the BEL Commission and other boards, and committees on talent development.

Over the last two years, we have built a very strong team that works to convene, coordinate, and integrate the efforts of all parts of the talent development network. We are able to do this by partnering with a strong network (TalentFOUND) to bring expertise, technical assistance, tools, and resources to those who directly serve our greatest assets: the students, job seekers, workers, and businesses of our great state.

We have established internal systems (a business management system, a playbook, and collaborative project management through the RACI model), and now we are announcing a new team structure that will better support the ongoing work and you our partners. I am now the managing director, responsible for leadership relationships, strategy, and working with cabinet members to ensure our work continues over the next decade. Lee Wheeler-Berliner is the director of the office, responsible for management of all operations and practices. This includes management of staffing for the Council and the BEL Commission and partnership support of the Education Leadership Council and Early Childhood Leadership Commission. We have an operations team, and a project/practices team. All members of our team, including shared positions, are incorporated to ensure the best service and support to you our partners, now and for years to come. I am very proud of this remarkable team, the leadership, teamwork, and collaborative approach they take to problem solving in complex systems, with all of you, our remarkable partners.