CWDC Enrich Platform Offers Free Financial Wellness Resources

Jan. 15, 2020 - As part of the Lives Empowered initiative, the CWDC has partnered with iGrad to offer financial wellness resources through Enrich. The online wellness platform at provides customized financial education to users and is available for free for all interested individuals in Colorado. 

The CWDC Enrich platform offers interactive tools to assist users with budgeting, banking, saving, and other financial planning, and offers courses and tips for career development. Users can customize their learning experience through a wide range of topics, courses, and tools, including activities such as:

  • Reveal what influences your money decisions through the “Your Money Personality” behavior analysis.
  • Boost your money management skills with the Enrich Budgeting tool.
  • Improve the financial skills that are most important to you.
  • Learn how to create a successful resume.
  • Explore career interview videos with successful professionals with the GPS to Success tool.

In addition to serving individuals, the platform can add value for businesses whose employees explore its offerings. By empowering individuals to make effective personal finance, student loan, and career decisions, Enrich strives to reduce employee stress, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement and retention. 

Visit today to sign up for a free Enrich profile and start exploring finance and career tools to prepare for your future.

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