“Launch A Sector Partnership” Now Included in Colorado Blueprint 2.0

March 16, 2018

by Wendy Brors

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is enthusiastic about joining Colorado Blueprint 2.0 and leading “Launch a Sector Partnership," one of the eight initiatives. The CWDC will assist groups of local businesses and partners in launching a sector partnership: an industry-driven, public-private partnership. This group comprises businesses from the same industry in a shared labor market region, working with education, workforce development, economic development, and community organizations to address the competitiveness needs of industries vital to Colorado’s regional economies.


  • Training on Colorado’s Sector Partnership framework for convening partners.
  • An assigned launch expert to facilitate the formation of the partnership from building a support team and defining the scope of the industry focus through to implementation.
  • Connection into Colorado’s community of practice that includes monthly gatherings via webinar, peer calls, as well as connection into the national Next Generation Sector Partnership movement.

The deadline to apply is June 1, 2018.

Learn more about Colorado Blueprint 2.0 and the Launch A Sector Partnership initiative. The Colorado Blueprint 2.0 press release and Colorado Blueprint 2.0 website provide additional details.

For more information about sector partnerships in Colorado, please contact wendy.brors@state.co.us.