Our members are active participants in workforce development activities. We truly appreciate all of their efforts in creating a business-led Colorado talent network. If you are interested in applying to become a council member, please email for more information.

Governor Jared Polis

Kyle Sickman, Chair, Executive Committee Member

Timothy A. Fry, Chair-Elect, Executive Committee Member
Mountain Racing Products

Lisanne McNew, Treasurer, Executive Committee Member
McNew & Associates, Inc 

Liddy Romero, Secretary, Executive Committee Member
WorkLife Partnership

Joe Barela, Executive Committee Member
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

Katy Anthes Ph.D., Executive Committee Member
Colorado Department of Education

Betsy Markey, Executive Committee Member
Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Ryan Keiffer, Advocacy Chair, Executive Committee Member 
A-Train Marketing Communications

Angie Paccione Ph.D., Executive Committee Member
Department of Higher Education

Noel GinsburgExecutive Committee Member
Intertech Plastics, Inc

Joseph Garcia, Education and Training Chair, Executive Committee Member
Colorado Community College System


Ashley Valdez, Xcel Energy

Bryan Dear, The Payroll Department, Inc

Commissioner Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County District 4

Daniel Kraus, Pueblo Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Trus

Danielle Kirkpatrick,  DoubleTree Hotel

David Zeckser, HomeAdvisor

Evan Abbott, Employers Council

Frances Matthews, CTA  

Francis Vigil, Colorado Springs Electrical JATC

Heather Terenzio, Techtonic Group

Jason Wardrip, Colorado Building & Construction Trades Council

Joel Buchanan, Steelworkers Organization for Active Retirees

John Fleck, Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship

John Knapp, Agriculture

Kelly Causey, Ph.D., Colorado Children’s Campaign

Kevin Cory, Noble Casing, Inc

Lawrence Wagner, Spark Mindset

Lisa Taylor, Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado

Michael Hess, Blind Institute of Technology

Michael Trotter, Front Range Roofing Systems, LLC

Nilesh Parikh, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Phillip Nash, Boomers Leading Change

Michelle Barnes, Colorado Department of Human Services

Representative Dominique Jackson, Colorado House of Representatives

Senator Jack Tate, Colorado State Senate

Tara Hosick, Climax Molybdenum Company

Michael Stelling, Northglenn High School



Rick Garcia, Department of Local Affairs

Kelly Ann Folks, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, representing Rocky Mountain Workforce Development Assn.

Kristin Haveman Todd, Daniels Fund

Dean Williams, Colorado Department of Corrections

Ryan Irsik,  Walmart, Special Advisor 

Teina McConnell, Pickens Technical College, representing Area Technical Colleges