Initiatives - Business Operations Occupations and Cybersecurity Occupations

Each year we add more career pathways information to We are currently organizing the career pathways systems information for cybersecurity and business operations occupations for publication on CareersInColorado in Jun 2018.

To prepare and publish the information, CWDC:

  1. Convenes regional forums for businesses to prioritize their cybersecurity and business operations needs
  2. Gathers information on career pathways for cybersecurity and business operations in Colorado
  3. Publishes the career pathways information via

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We invite business to participate to ensure their needs are met!

Thomas Hartman
Talent Development Coordinator, CWDC

Background on the Occupations Under Discussion


For cybersecurity occupations we are utilizing the NICE framework which promotes nationwide initiatives that increase the number of people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the tasks required for cybersecurity work. As threats that exploit vulnerabilities in our cyberinfrastructure grow and evolve, an integrated cybersecurity workforce must be capable of designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining defensive and offensive cyber strategies. An integrated cybersecurity workforce includes technical and nontechnical roles that are staffed with knowledgeable and experienced people. An integrated cybersecurity workforce can address the cybersecurity challenges inherent to preparing their organizations to successfully implement aspects of their missions and business processes connected to cyberspace. “Cybersecurity workforce” is shorthand for a workforce with work roles that have an impact on an organization’s ability to protect its data, systems, and operations. Included are new work roles that have been known traditionally as information technology (IT) security roles.


Top Jobs list

Cyberseek Jobs

Careers in Colorado Jobs

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician

Intelligence Analyst Criminal

Computer Systems Analysts

Cybercrime Analyst/ Investigator

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts

Incident Analyst / Responder

Cybersecurity Engineer / Architect

Software Developers, Applications

IT Auditor

Software Developer Applications

Software Developers, Systems Software

Cybersecurity Analyst

VP Technology, CIO, CTO, CEO

Web Developers

Cybersecurity Consultant5

Intelligence Analyst Criminal

Database Administrators

Penetration and Vulnerability Tester

Information Security Analyst

Computer User Support Specialists

Cybersecurity Manager/ Administrator

Cybersecurity Engineer / Architect

Operations Research Analysts

Cybersecurity Engineer

Software Developer Applications

Customer Service Representatives

Cybersecurity Architect

VP Technology, CIO, CTO, CEO

Information and Record Clerks, All Other





Business Operations

The business operations focus for the 2018 Career Pathways Building initiative is focused on occupations or roles involved with the:

  • Overseeing and supervising business operations
  • Administration of business practices
  • Managing the process of creation of goods and services.

These occupations involve planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling all the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and services. In SMB, many of these roles are handled by one person

Business operations encompasses both industry-specific occupations as well as roles that span across industries (i.e., IT, Construction, Agriculture, Hospitality/Food Service, Education, Healthcare, Social & Community Service, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Public Management, and Manufacturing).

Business Operations Career Pathways Occupations

In Scope

Not in Scope

Industry Clusters


Financial Analysis


Human Resources (recruitment & training)


Public Relations

Event Planning

Property Management

Real Estate Management/Sales /Appraising

Creative Industries

Banking / Financial Services

Personal Financial Advising


Legal occupations

Public Administration & Government

Business Education

Couriers and Messengers


Cross-Industry Roles

Administrative Support

Analyst (Management)

Customer Service

First Line Supervision

Management (including General, Operations & Administrator titles)


Records Management

Project Management (i.e. cost estimator)
Data Analyst
Procurement Buyer
Supply Chain Logistician

Purchasing, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager



*Fields and Occupations discussed, but which were not directly represented in the 2017 Top Jobs data include the following:

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