Statewide Education Sector Partnership

The first statewide Education Sector Partnership launched on Oct. 25, 2018. The launch of this partnership acknowledges the education sector as a significant source of employment for local and regional communities and a foundation for Colorado’s economy. 

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About the Statewide Education Sector Partnership

Education is the fourth largest employer in Colorado and plays a critical role in driving the state economy forward. The industry is unique in that it is both a supplier of talent and demands a robust workforce to equip all of Colorado’s industries with in-demand skills.

Colorado’s Education Industry by the Numbers:

  • Colorado’s 4th largest industry by employment
  • 3 billion in annual payroll
  • More than 221,000 Coloradans employed in the industry (8% of the labor force)
  • More than 10,000 employers
  • 16,000 annual job openings, more than 50,000 jobs over five years

On Oct. 25, the first statewide education sector partnership was launched, recognizing education as an industry with shared interests and talent needs. The partnership is convened by industry champions across the education continuum (early childhood, k-12, postsecondary education). Click to learn more about the purpose of the Statewide Education Sector Partnership and read a summary of the partnership launch.

The CWDC facilitated conversations with industry leaders on the following five priorities identified during the launch:

1) Skill building and pathways
2) Mapping the system
3) PR and marketing to promote education careers
4) Policy and legislation
5) Compensation

Moving forward the CWDC will leverage input from the Statewide Education Sector Partnership and regional partners to inform the education career pathway maps, which will be published with other in-demand industries at Careers in Colorado. As regional sector partnerships are built, and regionally specific career pathway discussions are had, the content can be updated to include new findings.

Regional Sector Partnership Promotion

For years Colorado has been a leader in the building and sustaining of Next Gen Sector Partnerships. As a state of collaborators and innovators we have come together to show the strength of this regional, business-led model. In an effort to extend this model into the education industry, the CWDC and its partners are working with local education organizations to raise awareness of the sector partnership model and equip them with the tools needed to collaborate with public partners to launch and sustain regional education sector partnerships. We hope this effort will support the goals of local education entities in their efforts to address current priorities such as talent and infrastructure issues.

If you are interested in technical assistance to launch a regional Education Sector Partnership, please email

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