The Executive Committee is appointed by the CWDC membership:
Jay Hardy - Chair
Kyle Sickman - Chair-Elect
Kristie LaRose - Treasurer
Liddy Romero - Secretary
Katy Anthes - Colorado Department of Education
Stephanie Copeland - Office of Economic Development & International Trade
Josh Davies - Center for Work Ethic Development
Ellen Golombek - Executive Director, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment
Ryan Keiffer - A-Train Marketing Communications
Kim Hunter Reed, PhD - Department of Higher Education

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to ensure that the CWDC is focused on carrying out the goals and actions of the strategic plan in alignment with the Colorado Blueprint.

Oversees the State Youth Council, development of the Career Pathways system in Colorado, and the Governor's STEM Action Plan.

The State Youth Council (SYC) has been convened to focus on initiatives around youth in Colorado and how they can best receive training, education, and workforce assistance through the workforce development system. They are working to connect the local youth councils to the resources necessary to help them find meaningful employment and gain the experience necessary to compete in Colorado's global economy. 


Advises Sector Partnerships, Key Industry Networks, and Business Services.

Sector partnerships are employer-driven, sustained partnerships of business, workforce development, education, and other community stakeholders. They are facilitated by convener or intermediary organization that is trusted by the industry. Sector partnerships work to identify the highest priority workforce challenges and opportunities within a specific industry and develop solutions for multiple employers within a geographic region, driven by industry need. This committee is working to progress the industry sectors initiative in Colorado.


Reviews, evaluates and communicates policy and legislation that will impact workforce issues that contribute to Colorado’s overall economic vitality. The committee also has oversight of awareness and alignment efforts.

The CWDC is unique because it provides direct access to businesses and industries across the state of Colorado. As the CWDC works toward its mission, it strives to:
  1. Educate and inform policy makers and legislators about workforce development issues and its critical connection to education and economic development.
  2. Educate and inform policy makers and legislators about CWDC and bringing the business perspective to decision-making regarding workforce development and training.
  3. Advocate for sustainable funding of an effective and efficient workforce system for Colorado and the nation.
  4. Ensure, in partnership with the Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC), that workforce development and economic development policy and legislation enhance a cooperative system with a primary focus on a positive business environment.