Colorado State Plan Goals

Goal 1

Engage business and industry as a fulcrum to inform and align all elements of the demand-driven system.


  • Expand regionally-focused sector partnerships that are championed by business and Industry to drive career pathways.
  • Develop and implement a full spectrum of work-based learning opportunities to be deployed broadly across sectors.  
  • Support collaboration between business and education to understand the value of stackable industry recognized credentials.  

Goal 2

Establish a customer-centric and holistic focus to increase coordination, effectiveness, and access through shared data, tools, and resources.


  • Enhance the alignment of business services across all partner programs.
  • Adopt LEAN principles for the implementation of cross-partner strategies/services to increase efficiency, accessibility, and coordination of job-seeker services.
  • Develop and implement a technology solution or other methods for data coordination and information sharing across program partners.

Goal 3

Engage partner staff at every level for better system alignment.


  • Implement continuous professional development for staff from all partner programs to elevate internal expertise and professionalism and to equip them with the tools necessary to operate a comprehensive, holistic approach to talent development.
  • Create opportunities for staff at all levels to engage in continuous improvement efforts, leveraging their first-hand experience and unique perspectives to inform the processes.

Goal 4

Create and deliver a unified message for internal and external communication and connections.


  • Establish a brand for the Colorado workforce development system that represents the vision and strategies of the WIOA combined partners.
  • Define the key messages and brand promise for target audiences.  
  • Explore ways to capture the Return on Investment (ROI) of the workforce system in order to promote the value of the system and all programs within it.

Goal 5

Drive meaningful outcomes through innovation, alignment of metrics, and accountability.


  • Adopt system-wide outcome metrics to portray an accurate depiction of the workforce system, which will be used for planning and implementation of system services.
  • Utilize partner relationships to implement meaningful pilot programs that foster an environment of innovation.  


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