Colorado State Plan

2020-2023 WIOA State Plan

The Colorado 2020-2023 WIOA State Plan was submitted to the US Department of Labor at the end of February. The plan underwent a public comment period earlier this year, and was approved by the CWDC at its January meeting after revisions were made. The new plan will go into effect on July 1, 2020.

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2016-2019 State Plan

Colorado's current state plan was approved by the federal government in fall 2016. The state was required to submit a modification to this state plan reflecting changes in labor market information and the state’s strategies. A survey of stakeholders conducted in December 2017 informed the changes found in the below modification. Based on the performance negotiation guidance issued by OCTAE, Colorado re-opened the public comment period for the Combined State Plan to gather comments during spring 2018. The updated plan (available below) was approved by USDOL summer of 2018.

Read Colorado’s approved updated plan in the accessible format.


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Colorado’s Combined Plan for Execution of Workforce Development Activities in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Driving Colorado Forward Together is Colorado’s 4-year strategic and operational plan for the workforce development system. This plan is required to be submitted to the US Departments of Labor and Education under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Development of this plan is a required function of the Colorado Workforce Development Council and the Governor must approve the plan prior to submission.

The plan includes an executive summary and seven unique sections.

  • Section I is a statement of the type of plan being submitted. The options are a unified plan or combined plan, and the difference is how many programs are collaboratively involved in the plan. Colorado is submitting a combined plan.
  • Section II is the strategic analysis that provides data on our economy and workforce, information on existing programs, and the overarching goals for the next four years.
  • Section III is the operational section that details how the partner programs will work together to make the goals in section II a reality. This section includes information on partnerships, technology, funding formulas, and specific initiatives to better serve customers.
  • Section IV is a statement of how combined planning was conducted with all partners.
  • Section V is a list of assurances that the state is making regarding the development and ongoing governance of this plan.
  • Section VI includes detailed operational plans for the core programs. Core programs are funded by WIOA and all report on the same performance measurements.
  • Section VII includes detailed operational plans for the combined plan programs. These programs opted to join this planning process in an effort to best align services throughout Colorado.

The US Departments of Labor, Education and Health and Human Services jointly published guidance on the required contents of the state plan. A list of specific questions that must be addressed was published in the Federal Register. 

The development of this plan was a collaborative effort of local and state partners committed to excellence in serving the citizens of Colorado coordinated by the Colorado Workforce Development Council. Completion of this plan is due to the hard work of Thomas P. Miller and Associates; the Colorado Department of Education – Office of Adult Education Initiatives; the Colorado Department of Human Services – Office of Community Access & Independence and Office of Economic Security; the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment – Division of Employment and Training and Division of Unemployment Insurance.

The content was developed in partnership with the critical input of local workforce development boards and staff, businesses, adult education providers, and economic developers, along with staff members of the agencies listed above.