Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention Symposium September, 2018

Post Symposium Resources

Some symposium presenters have generously offered to share resources that they used or cited. What has been provided to the School Safety Resource Center is listed below in the order that it was presented. This page will continue to be updated as more resources become available. Please check back often.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Symposium, our Presenters, and the Adams12 Conference Center.

Dr. Anna Mueller
The Social Roots of High School Suicide Clusters

W. Israel, L. Cikara & C. Mulitauopele, University of Colorado Denver. 
Healthy Kids Colorado Survey - HKCS is a student level survey of health behaviors used to access risk and protective factors, administered only to secondary grades.
Smart Source - School level inventory of school health best practices and is used by both elementary and secondary schools. 

Dr. David Rudd
Hope as a Skill: What Works in a School Setting

Photos of workshops, plenary speaker presentations, vendors and others can be viewed Here.