CSSRC Webcasts.

How Colorado Schools are Upping Security for the First Year Post Parkland.

As the school year gets underway, the CSSRC Director was interviewed on new safety measures in Colorado schools. You can listen to the CPR interview here.

Take 5: School Safety.

Chris Harms, the Director of the CSSRC, had the opportunity to address municipal leaders about supporting school safety.  A brief video was created that you can view here.  


CSSRC Update: Childhood Trauma and Schools

Chris Harms, Director of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC) provides a brief overview of new understanding about the impacts of trauma on children's and adolescents' ability to learn.

CSSRC Update: Important Things to Know if You're Mandated to Report Child Abuse

April is child abuse prevention month. In this brief video, a Child Abuse Prevention Specialist from the Colorado School Safety Resource Center goes over a few important things that you should know if you are mandated by Colorado law to report suspected child abuse.

CSSRC Update: Top Tips for School Safety Situational Awareness & Training

In this short video, Emergency Response Outreach Coordinator Brad Stiles of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center walks through two top tips to help ensure safety at schools. One: Establish situational awareness. Two: Train and exercise.

CSSRC Update: Youth Suicide Prevention: How to Recognize Signs and What to Do

Unfortunately, Colorado continues to rank in the top 10 states for death by suicide for all age groups. Suicide is also the second most frequent reason that our youth die. Anna Gisetti, School Outreach Consultant for the Center, has some reminders for school staff about suicide prevention this webcast.

This brief video provides tips on how to recognize signs that a youth may be suicidal and outlines the primary steps to take if you suspect a youth is suicidal. Features Anna Gisetti of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center

CSSRC Update: Claire Davis Act

Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC) Director Chris Harms provides an update on progress and implications that have come out of Colorado SB 15-213 ("The Claire Davis Act", which waives governmental Immunity for acts of school violence) and SB 15-214 (creating the School Safety and Youth Mental Health Committee to study issues related to school safety and the prevention of threats to the safety of students, teachers, administrators, employees, and volunteers present on the grounds of public and private schools.)