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If you have ANY special accommodations necessary for trainings i.e. sign language interpretation, dietary restrictions, etc., please be sure to contact the Colorado School Safety Resource Center at least ten days prior to the event. 
Otherwise, we may not have time to meet your needs.  Thank you! 
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2018 IHE Summer Safety Symposium

Trauma Responsive Restorative Communication- Advanced Restorative Practice Skill 

  • Register Online. Cost:  $50 with a nominal additional processing fee (<$2.00) when you register. 
  • Flyer Download
  • When: Thursday, June 14, 2018, Sponsored by the CSSRC. 
  • Where: Wheat Ridge Recreation Center, 4005 Kipling St, Wheat 
    Ridge CO 80033
  • Kerri Quinn (Schmitt) and William Bledsoe will present
  • Participants will:
    • Recognize the signs that a restorative practice is moving in the wrong direction and what to do in the moment to pivot the conversation to successful resolution
    • Understand how trauma impacts the body, brain and mind in conflict conversation
    • Utilize specific questions to enhance social emotional learning and develop the necessary trauma-aware interaction skills to instantly diffuse a trauma response and create safety and trust
    • Many of you attended the two-day Restorative Practices for Schools workshops sponsored by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center and featuring Kerri Schmitt as the trainer sometime in the last two years. Although grant funding has expired, we had such an overwhelming response to these seminars that Kerri has teamed up with Dr. Will Bledsoe to offer this latest workshop in their restorative practice series. Please bring your difficult situations so we can learn as a group how to more effectively use restorative communication.

2018 Youth Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention Symposium

 2018 Colorado Safe Schools Summit October 1st and 2nd!


Options for Training on Request

Adult Sexual Misconduct in Schools: Prevention & Management

Sponsored by The Colorado School Safety Resource Center and the Colorado Association of School Boards

  • Designed for: administrators, human resources professionals, school board members and any other interested parties
  • Arrange a two-hour video-based workshop at your site
  • No charge for Colorado participants
  • Event Flyer

L364 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

  • Presented by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center
  • Designed for: school emergency planning teams, which could include principals, assistant principals, risk managers, school board members, school safety coordinators, transportation and food service coordinators, facility managers/building engineers, nurses, counselors, public information officers, teachers, and community first responders.
  • This 2-day course provides the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to develop or refine an all-hazards school Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and to identify how to train and exercise the school EOP. This course follows the guidance set forth in the FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 for developing an emergency operations plan and explains how to engage the whole community - including parents/guardians, and outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency management - in school preparedness and planning. Throughout the course, school representatives will review their existing EOP or identify how to develop one, determine areas for improvement, and make changes or updates to the EOP. They will also identify the benefits of training and exercising the school's EOP, and who needs to be involved in training and exercising the EOP.
  • Students are required to bring a copy of their school Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  • No charge for Colorado participants

Threat Assessment in Schools: Best Practices and/or Suicide Intervention Overview

  • Presented by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center
  • Designed for the entire threat assessment team: administrators, mental health professionals and law enforcement professionsals
  • Threat Assessment in Schools: Best Practices--A well-trained threat assessment team is a vital part of a comprehensive safe schools' effort. This workshop reviews the lessons learned from research, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center's "Essentials of Threat Assessment" guide and sample tools from schools in Colorado. Discussions of actual scenarios will be included.
  • Overview of School Suicide Prevention & Intervention--In the Healthy Kids Colorado 2011 Survey, over one-fifth of Colorado high school students reported that they felt sad or hopeless every day for at least two weeks within the past 12 months, with 6% reporting having ever attempted suicide with a higher percentage of Hispanic/Latino students (11%) reporting vs. non-Hispanic White students (4%). This workshop will present an overview of the essential elementas for conducting risk assessments, interventions after a suicide and prevention strategies for schools. Sample tools will be shared.
  • Event Flyer

Youth Mental Health First Aid (for adults working with youth)

  • The Colorado School Safety Resource Center in partnership with Mental Health First Aid Colorado, now offers Youth Mental Health First Aid as part of its trainings for Colorado schools and districts. 
  • There is no cost for this training, but you must attend the entire day in order to receive a certificate.
  • Through our certification course, you'll become a certified Mental Health First Aider. We'll teach you how to respond to someone with a mental health challenge. You'll learn the signs, evidence-based actions and how to connect those in crisis to support systems that can help them recover.
  • Mental Health First Aid is for everyone. The course has been tested, proven, and tailored to meet a range of unique perspectives and experiences.

Other CSSRC Training Options Available Upon Request

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