Valor Award


The Valor Award is the highest award given by the Colorado State Patrol. It is presented for “Heroic action and conspicuous valor above and beyond the call of duty, disregarding imminent risk of life or serious bodily injury, thereby exemplifying the highest traditions of the Colorado State Patrol and standing as a credit and inspiration to fellow members.”

This award is given for an act, or series of acts, committed with outstanding courage in a situation that, because of its extraordinary circumstance, placed the member and others in actual physical jeopardy. While exposed to danger, the member must have acted with deliberate intent and while acting must have exercised judgment and performed competent action sufficient to reflect credit and admiration upon himself and the Colorado State Patrol.

Prior to 1974 when the Valor Award was created, Patrol members of course performed numerous exceptional acts of bravery. Unfortunately, those acts of courage, while building the foundation of the Colorado State Patrol, were not given the recognition they so richly deserve.

Those members who served in the early years helped to develop the tenets of Character, Integrity, Judgment, Loyalty, Courtesy, Honor, and Knowledge that our badge represents.

The following stories are those Colorado State Patrol members who acted with outstanding courage, brought honor and distinction to themselves and to the Colorado State Patrol, and have thus earned the Medal of Valor.

1970-1979 Valor Award Recipients

1980-1989 Valor Award Recipients

1990-1999 Valor Award Recipients

2000-2009 Valor Award Recipients

2010-2017 Valor Award Recipients