Trooper Dennis Wilder

On July 26, 2007 Trooper Dennis Wilder of the Colorado State Patrol, Officer Ryan Kobernick of the Denver Police Department, Lieutenant Stephen Curti and Deputy Louis Guida of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office were working a DUI Saturation Patrol with multiple officers from other law enforcement agencies in Denver's Sun Valley neighborhood at 10th and Federal. At approximately 10:30 pm a driver was pulled over by Trooper Wilder in a 7-Eleven (1000 Federal) parking lot for suspected drunk driving. While the driver was subsequently arrested for an active warrant, the passenger was asked to exit the vehicle. At this point the passenger produced a handgun and Officer Kobernick, Lieutenant Curti, and Deputy Guida grasped the passenger, attempting to wrestle him to the ground. During the melee the passenger fought and fired three shots (although he pulled the trigger multiple times) striking Lieutenant Curti in the lower arm/wrist area, striking Trooper Wilder in his left foot as he approached to assist, and broke Officer Kobernick's nose with the firearm. During the struggle Deputy Guida, still in direct contact with the passenger, fired four shots, eliminating the deadly threat.