Technician Scott Casey

On December 28, 2002, Technician Scott Casey was taking his mother to a thrift store in Aurora. He noticed a woman walk out of the thrift store with numerous items and could smell the odor of alcohol on her. Rushing after the woman was a female employee of the store, asking to see receipts for the items that she held.

Shortly thereafter, the woman began hitting the store employee and then turned and ran away. Technician Casey pursued the fleeing woman on foot and calmly told her that she could not outrun him. She stopped running, but when he identified himself verbally as a police officer, she squared off to hit him! Taking control of the situation, he restrained her until officers from the Aurora Police Department arrived. Once placed in the police vehicle, she kicked out one window, and had to be “hog-tied” to prevent further injury to herself or damage to the police vehicle. It was determined that the woman was under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine.

It is important to note that Technician Casey made no mention of this incident, and since he was off duty, felt that he was simply doing his job as a good citizen. Technician Casey is a very dedicated and conscience employee of the Colorado State Patrol and should be acknowledged for his actions!