Summer of Safety: Safe on the Road and on the Water

“Summer of Safety” Campaign Cites 133 DUI and BUI’s

DENVER, CO (June 3, 2013) – The Summer of Safety campaign created by the Colorado State Patrol’s (CSP) and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to keep Coloradans safe on the roads and waterways resulted in 125 CSP DUIs and 5 DUI’s and 3 BUI’s by the CPW.

"Staying safe on our roadways and safe on the water is our goal", Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of the CSP, and CPW Director Rick Cables, declared. "Particular emphasis will be focused on the Cherry Creek, Chatfield and Pueblo reservoirs which traditionally attract the largest number of visitors," they jointly pointed out.

Of the 133 DUI’s and BUI’s made by the CSP and CPW, 65 were made in and around the three targeted Summer of Safety state parks.

The Summer of Safety campaign was kicked by the two state organizations prior to the Memorial Day holiday and will continue throughout the summer as both organizations have pledged to remove impaired drivers and boat operators from the areas in and around all state parks.

“As summer progresses and the amount of traffic on Colorado roadways increases, so does the risk of being involved in a serious and often deadly crash that involves impaired driving. One-third of all fatal crashes in Colorado occur between the Memorial and Labor Day holidays,” said Colonel Hernandez. “The Colorado State Patrol enforces zero tolerance for impaired driving.”

“Colorado averages nearly 70 boating accidents every year,” Cables pointed out. “In 2012, nine people lost their lives and 36 people were injured. And, of the 64 boat accidents reported to the CPW last year, 80 percent involved alcohol.”

Coloradans can make smart and safe driving and boating choices this summer and prevent serious injuries and fatalities by:

  • Remembering that impaired driving is an entirely preventable crime. Each impaired-driving arrest or crash can be prevented. Drivers and boat operators must make safe and smart choices and choose not to drink and drive.
  • Being “boat sober” – Remember that boats take longer to stop or react to changes in direction and; the hot summer sun increases alcohol's effect on the body of a boat’s operator if they have been drinking. Bottom line: Alcohol, sun, and boating are a deadly combination.
  • Always wearing your seat belt in your car and a life vest when boating.
  • Remembering that driving a boat or a car requires your full attention. Don’t drive distracted.

And, always designate a sober driver/operator. Make smart and safe driving choices this summer that will help you arrive alive and get home safely.