In-Service Training

In-Service Training

In-Service Training is conducted annually for all uniformed members.  The training focuses primarily on updating skills and knowledge regarding new procedures and laws.  The in-service training can be split into two categories; yearly updates and re-certifications and advanced training.

Yearly Updates
Troopers Receive Updates On:

  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Motor Carrier Compliance
  • Crowd Control/Crowd Management Techniques

As part of the yearly updates, troopers and supervisors re-certify In:

  • Standard Field Sobriety Maneuvers (SFST)
  • Tactical Vehicle Intervention
  • First Aid and CPR

Yearly Fitness Evaluation

In addition to re-certification, every uniformed member is required to pass the Colorado State Patrol Fitness evaluation annually.  For more information on our fitness program, click HERE.

Advanced Training

The second category of in-service classes consists of advanced training.  The Academy staff provides new information and skills to CSP troopers through this training.  Advanced training topics are continually changing to ensure that our troopers have the most current information and techniques.  Below are some examples advanced training topics:

  • Vehicle Contacts
  • Firearms Techniques
  • Arrest Control Techniques
  • Ground Fighting
  • Driving Techniques
  • Updates on Constitutional Laws

Continuing Education

As part of the continuing education philosophy, the Academy offers courses such as Introduction to Instruction, which is an adult methodology course that trains the trainer in becoming a teacher.  For more information on our continuing education program, click HERE.

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