Responder Safety


One Scene. One Culture. Save Lives.
Colorado’s first responders are highly trained, extremely capable professionals. A comprehensive review of practices and of the working environment reveals that our culture, the way we practice our professions, must change for safety to improve in lasting and meaningful ways for all, citizens and responders. Culture change is not for responders alone; our citizens also need an updated understanding of their role in creating safety for all. One scene, one culture saves lives because everyone’s actions matter. Together, we minimize crash exposures in the execution of our work, our responses to roadside activities, and our choices when our vehicles become disabled. 
Moving forward, Colorado’s first responders must convert from individual cultures which tend to generate solidarity within each discipline, emphasize differences, prioritize tradition over necessary evolution, and work adjacently, to a singular, one scene culture in which all disciplines execute their individual missions together as one, multi-talented unified team: a team of experts saving lives together. 
Colorado’s citizens must convert from bystanders to participants in a one scene culture. For citizens, culture change requires an updated understanding of citizens’ role in safety. The citizen requires a current understanding of the risks to themselves and others when they are outside of their vehicle, trained reactions to first responder activities that promote safety, and confidence that changing long-standing behaviors serves a necessary purpose. 
The committee acknowledges that changing culture is not a small undertaking. However, when we successfully change this culture, we will change outcomes permanently. We will save the lives of responders and citizens alike. 


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