The Colorado State Patrol is a quasi-military organization, which means it observes traditional military etiquette and customs. For example, the Patrol routinely conducts personnel inspections, observes a formalized chain-of-command rank structure, requires its troopers to salute commissioned officers, and abides by strict uniform and personal grooming standards. In many other respects though, the Patrol is not unlike any other law enforcement agency. The Colorado State Patrol is structured in a classic hierarchical fashion, with members of higher rank assuming command over a greater number of subordinates and being entrusted with more responsibility.

Colorado State Patrol Headquarters
700 Kipling Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
303.239.4500 (8:00 AM - 5:00pm M-F)
303.239.4400 (8:00 AM - 5:00pm M-F)
303.239.4501 (24 Hours)


Commanded by a Major or Civilian Equivalent
The next level in the organization is the district or branch. A district or branch is often comprised of several troops, sections, or units. A "district" is used to distinguish field personnel from those assigned to a branch, which generally provides material or investigative support to the field. Our Support Services Branch, for example, provides material support to the field districts and includes the Procurement and Supply Section, Facilities Management Section, and the Fleet Operations Section. District One, a field district, is comprised of the Golden Troop, Castle Rock Troop, and the Adams County Troop offices. The Patrol currently maintains five field districts, each of which is centralized in a particular geographic area of the state.


Commanded by a Captain or Civilian Equivalent
The troop/section/unit is the first step in the organization's hierarchy. "Troops" describe a field office, where the bulk of our troopers are assigned to carry out the Patrol's traffic safety mission. "Section" and "unit" are similar to troops, but they are considered specialized work centers within the Patrol. Examples would include the Executive Security Unit or the Hazardous Materials Section. Sections and units either perform specialized enforcement activities or provide material support to field troops, while troops primarily perform traffic enforcement activities and crash investigation.