Master Trooper John Lopez

On September 4, 2009 Master Trooper John Lopez was driving west on Riverview Road from the Sterling Troop office after ending his watch. As he approached the nearby rest area he looked at the picnic area and saw a female with a horrified look on her face, at the same time seeing a male lying on the grass. Realizing something was wrong he made a U-turn, parked nearby and approached the group.                                

He was informed by a bystander that the male party, Mr. Mark Edwards, had stopped breathing and had no pulse, collapsing to the ground approximately 30 seconds before Master Trooper Lopez had arrived. Master Trooper Lopez immediately began to perform CPR on Mr. Edwards while at the same time asking the female party, Mrs. Connie Edwards, to notify the 911 operator that CPR was in progress. The Sterling Fire Department and LifeCare Ambulance arrived on scene approximately four minutes later and assumed responsibility for the medical care of Mr. Edwards. During his time providing CPR, Master Trooper Lopez was able to get Mr. Edwards’ heart started twice.

Doctor Jim Beckmann, a cardiologist at the Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley advised that Mr. Edwards would not have survived the incident without the timely intervention of Master Trooper Lopez’ actions. Dr. Beckmann credited Master Trooper Lopez with saving Mr. Edwards’ life.

Lieutenant Ron Leonard of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, a friend of the Edwards, stated this about Master Trooper Lopez in his September 11, 2009 letter, “I would like to personally thank Trooper John Lopez for his quick and decisive actions on September 4th. His actions saved the life of a 35 year friend to me. I am convinced Trooper Lopez and his training are directly responsible for saving the life of Mark Edwards and he should be commended. Trooper Lopez could have driven by and finished his watch, knowing dispatch would send a duty car to the call for assistance. Instead, he did what was right; he acted on his instincts, and saved a life.”