Master Trooper James Boccaccio

On July 13, 2012 Master Trooper James Boccaccio of the Buena Vista Post was recognized in Golden as a Master Trooper of the Colorado State Patrol. Returning home that evening, he assisted another trooper covering an injury crash in Park County, going off duty after 10:35 pm. Less than six hours later, on July 14th Master Trooper Boccaccio was called from his residence to a pursuit initiated by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, pursuing a suspect who had brandished a weapon and had thrown a grenade from his vehicle.

Listening as the pursuit proceeded southbound into Chaffee County, Master Trooper Boccaccio caught the pursuit just as it reached Saguache County, notifying dispatch that he would be performing a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) on the fleeing car. Master Trooper Boccaccio while pursuing, was also keeping law enforcement officers from multiple law enforcement agencies informed, on task, and focused due to his calm demeanor. Master Trooper Boccaccio performed the TVI on the fleeing suspect, stopping the vehicle. The driver then aimed his weapon at Master Trooper Boccaccio and a Buena Vista officer, the driver being shot and killed by the Buena Vista officer. The weapon recovered turned out to be a pellet gun, and the grenade thrown out an inert replica. The Colorado State Patrol has since used this incident as a training situation for not only his perfect TVI technique, but for his professionalism during a highly volatile situation.