Master Sergeant Scott Beauvais

On November 8, 2010 the Metro Gang Task Force (MGTF) issued a press release about the Tripple Stack (Tre Deuce Gangster Crips) investigation, culminating in the arrest of 24 of 27 local targets across the Denver metro area and in several other states. Master Sergeant Scott Beauvais, a supervising member of the MGTF, was one of the key members of the investigative unit that brought down this criminal enterprise of numerous confirmed members of several street gangs. This group is believed to have been trafficking in powder and crack cocaine in amounts that exceed several million dollars per month. During the course of a three-year investigation MGTF investigators seized approximately $700,000 in U.S. currency, 53 kilograms of cocaine, and numerous vehicles and firearms. Financial investigators continue to explore additional evidence with the option of seizing buildings and businesses associated with this conspiracy.  

Master Sergeant Beauvais developed operational plans for each indictment served, coordinating municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to simultaneously serve each targeted individual. Due to case developments the takedown had to be conducted nearly a month prior to the original plan, yet was still accomplished successfully. Most importantly, there were no significant injuries reported amongst the law enforcement officers involved or subjects arrested. The management and preparation of this massive sweep on a known criminal enterprise without incident is a testament to the leadership of Master Sergeant Beauvais, and he is to be commended for his commitment to public safety.