Marijuana Conference

March 16-18, 2016

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  • The conference is free to attend for all Colorado Law Enforcement. 
  • There will be three tracks of learning.  You will be able to select the different class you would like to attend during the three day training conference.
           - Marijuana and SFST track(marijuana 101 class, SFST updates)
           - Public Safety track (toxicology, prosecution, warrants, blood draws, etc.)
           - Administrative track (Data, investigation techniques, oral fluids, tips on how to testify, DOR, etc.)
           - In addition to main sessions where everyone will be listening to key note speakers
  • Please have officers sign up using POST training portal (ACADIS)
  • Reimbursement will be covered by POST for travel costs (please see the reimbursement memo on Colorado POST website)
           - Reimbursement request must be made to POST by February 1, 2016, Carolyn Berry can send you the spreadsheet
             to complete to estimate your reimbursement request
  • Spots are guaranteed for Colorado LE thru January 17th.  On January 18th registration is opened nationwide to out of state LE and other government officials.
           - There is no registration fee for Colorado LE