Lieutenant Colonel Scott Hernandez and Ms. Korby Johnson

From August 25-28, 2009 the Colorado State Patrol participated in the successful Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in Denver. As a partnering law enforcement agency during the DNC, the success of this organizational wide, year-long effort was significantly due to the efforts of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Scott Hernandez the Patrol’s Project Management Office, specifically Ms. Korby Johnson. Never before had a national convention utilized project management as the foundation for effective large scale planning, execution and closeout, and these two individuals worked countless hours for nearly a year leading up to the event.

Through the guidance and mentoring of both LTC Hernandez and Ms. Johnson, the Patrol applied the advanced, innovative and technical aspects of the project management profession to support the large scale incident-based organizational structure used during the Democratic National Convention. This was demonstrated by the effective application of project management principles with the DNC, and evidenced by exceptional attention to the financial, risk, schedule, quality, and communication plans, while maintaining the core competency of incident command. Lieutenant Colonel Hernandez and Ms. Johnson exceeded expectations by proactively planning for every infinitesimal risk which included contingencies, stakeholder management, and cross-agency communication, all resulting in a resounding success for the State of Colorado. As a result, the DNC was named as the Project Management Institute’s “Project of the Year” for 2008. The leadership exhibited by LTC Hernandez and Ms. Johnson during the Democratic National Convention is beyond the call of duty, and they are recognized for their combined efforts towards this momentous occasion.