Distinguished Service


Bestowed upon a member for an act of heroism calling for an outstanding degree of dedication and devotion above and beyond professional duty and may include the protection of life, or intervention under instances of personal risk.

1986 Comm Officer Mark Wheeler
1988 Trooper Michael Tomasini 1991 Trooper James Amaya 1991 Trooper John Roth
1992 Trooper Mark Amos 1992 Sergeant Bruce Davisson 1993 Technician Richard Rehnke 1995 Trooper Robert Nuse
Pike, Gary_1995.jpg
1995 Technician Gary Pike 1996 Trooper Jason Dingae 1997 Captain Bruce Davisson 1997 Trooper Jerry Lambert
1998 Sergeant Clark Bates 1999 Trooper John Aho 1999 Trooper Scott Casey 1999 Trooper Mark Mason
1999 Trooper Sam Mitchell 2000 Trooper Malvin Thomas 2001 Trooper Jack Desanti 2007 Trooper Dennis Wilder
2011 Trooper James Proctor 2011 Trooper Theodore Bandy 2011 Trooper Cordell Maxwell 2014 Trooper Adam Jennings
2014 Trooper Carin Lawrence 2014 Corporal Timothy McClinchy 2014 Sergeant Jared Rapp 2014 Major Mark Savage
2015 Ms. Stephanie Chataignier 2015 Trooper Lance Curry 2015 Sergeant Michael Hill 2015 Trooper Nathan Parks
2015 Trooper Matthew Ritchey-Wilson 2016 Sergeant Scott Gardner 2016 Sergeant Daniel Haley 2016 Trooper Eduardo Henrique
2016 Trooper Adam Jennings 2016 Trooper Matthew Lubbes 2016 Sergeant Jared Rapp 2016 Master Trooper Garrett Reich
2016 Trooper Justin Richards 2016 Corporal Jason Sparks 2016 Trooper Joshua Yoder