Commercial Driver's License (FMCSR 383)

General Information
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Drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License if they drive a vehicle:

  1. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or Gross Vehicle Weight of at least 26,001 lbs, whichever is greater; or
  2. Is designed to transport at least 16 passengers including the driver; or
  3. Is transporting a quantity of hazardous materials requiring placarding.

The Commercial Driver's License program is administered through the Colorado Department of Revenue.  Questions about obtaining a license or problems with an existing license should be directed though their office.  Contact information for the DOR can be found on our contact information page.


Related Federal Regulations

The definition of a Commercial Motor Vehicle as it relates to the CDL requirements can be found in Part 383.5 of the FMCSRs.

Certain drivers such as farmers, firefighters, emergency response vehicle drivers and drivers removing snow and ice may have exceptions from parts of the CDL requirements.  Those exemptions can be found in Part 383.3 of the FMCSRs.

If a driver is convicted of certain offenses, they will become diqualified from operating any CMV for a specified period of time.  A list of disqualifying offenses can be found in Part 383.51 of the FMCSRs.

If a vehicle requires a CDL driver to to operate it, endorsements for certain types of special vehicles or cargo may also be required.  A list of endorsements can be found in Part 383.93 of the FMCSRs.

Intrastate Commerce Exemptions

Colorado Adoptions (42-4-235(4)(a) C.R.S.)
Applys only to carriers operating within Colorado (intrastate commerce)

Part 383 has been adopted for intrastate carriers with no modifications.


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