Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority

The mission of the CATPA Board is, “To deter and reduce vehicle theft and insurance fraud through a statewide cooperative effort of generating funds to support law enforcement, prosecution and public awareness through a partnership between industry and state government”. This mission is supported by the Colorado Revised Statutes §43-5-112.

The CATPA Board is tasked to solicit and review applications for grants pursuant to the legislation. The Board also appoints a director for the authority, who employs staff as may be necessary to operate and administer the CATPA Authority. The CATPA Office assists the Board with developing business practices, grant review criteria, program application processes, collection of CATPA fees, financial accountability of CATPA funds and monitoring of all awards.


CATPA’s Value

From 2010 to 2014, CATPA has incorporated reporting requirements from all grantees. These reporting requirements were used to measure the overall success of awarded funds. In summary, the program funds:

  • Accounted for the recovery of 5,168 stolen vehicles valued at $38,264,677.
  • Demonstrated a venture return for recovered stolen vehicles at $1.47 for every CATPA dollar invested.
  • Facilitated the arrest of 2,208 persons charged with auto theft.
  • Resulted in 3,563 felony charges of auto theft and 753 misdemeanor charges
  • Performed 385 Bait Car operations
  • Caused 348 major case investigations
  • Enabled 51 complex case investigations under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA)
  • Generated 3,450 criminal intelligence products to support auto theft case investigations
  • Created criminal intelligence sharing amongst law enforcement investigators by installing a CJIS compliant centralized auto theft database
  • Fused 96 various law enforcement agencies with partnership to address the mission of CATPA
  • Produced 96 special auto theft training courses and educated 2,088 law enforcement personnel
  • Purchased automated license plate reader systems (ALPRS) assisting in the recovery of 855 stolen vehicles valued at $6.5 million. The efficiency level demonstrated $0.93 of recovery value for every capture read performed by the ALPRS.
  • Distributed prevention and education awareness products including 16,340,569 media releases, 58,339,979 social media impressions, 121,765 printed materials and 2 public surveys.

As can be easily deduced, the above notations could not have otherwise been accomplished without the support of CATPA funds.


CATPA Calendar of Events

February 15, 2018 Draft Agenda

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