CO I70

42-4-202 (1)- Drove a Defective/Unsafe Vehicle
42-4-227 (2)-Vehicle Had (No/Defective) Windshield Wipers
42-4-228(5)- Operated a Vehicle with (Improper/Unsafe) Tires
42-4-106(5)(a)(I) Failed to Comply With (Tire/Chain) Restrictions
42-4-106(5)(a)(II) Failed to Comply with (Tire/Chain) Restrictions That Resulted in Road Closures of a Travel Lane in One or More Directions
42-4-711(1)- Drove Vehicle Improperly on Mountain Highway
42-4-1010 Failed to Drive as Required on (Divided/Controlled-Access) Highway
42-4-1010 Vehicle Crossed Roadway Dividing (Space/Median/Barrier) in an Unlawful Manner
42-4-1402(2)(a)-Careless Driving