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In addition to enforcement operations the Colorado State Patrol utilizes partnerships, educational outreach programs and commitment to our members to reduce fatal and injury crashes.  Read more....

Our Family Protecting Yours

Distracted Driving

Move Your Crash Colorado

The Colorado State Patrol began an educational marketing program in 2014 that coincides with our enforcement efforts to reduce DUI/DUID crashes and increase safety on Colorado highways.  We have taken great strides to reduce impaired driving and will continue to save lives on our highways.

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Distracted Driving is any activity that can divert a persons attention away from the primary task of driving. Such distractions include: texting, talking on a phone (including hands free devices), eating or drinking, grooming, children and pets (children is huge right now as GHSA is trying to get the message out about being a responsible passenger, and adjusting the radio or MP3 players.
Help us fight distracted driving Colorado.  69 people died in 2015 from distracted driving.

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Every year in Colorado there are thousands of secondary accidents and hundreds of injuries that could have been prevented by simply moving crashes out of traffic. Colorado law (Colorado Revised Statute # 42-4-1602) requires that vehicles involved in a crash on a divided highway are moved to a safe location as long as there are no injuries and no drugs or alcohol are involved. Those involved in the crash are still required to contact the police. For every ten minutes a road is blocked, the resulting traffic delay can last up to sixty minutes. 

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Statewide Effort to Fight Fatal and Injury Crashes