2014 Civilian Employee of the Year Nominees

Ms. Crimson Becker
(Victims Advocate)

Ms. Betsy Bicknase
(Troop 1B/1C)

Ms. Ronda Bonfield
(Hazardous Materials)

Ms. Lynn Christiansen
(Motor Carrier Safety)

Ms. Kristin Foust
(District 5)

Ms. Lisa Frank
(Criminal Investigations Branch)

Ms. Tamra Johnson
(Support Services Branch)

Mr. William Kulp
(Executive Security)

Ms. Mary Kyler
(Staff Services Branch)

Ms. Shelly Moorman
(District 3)

Ms. Ruth Rubeo
(Strategic Planning Office)

Mr. Naren Tishy
 (Media Center)


Ms. Martha Wamsley
(Special Events)

Ms. Jan Worthem