• Develop a Registered Apprenticeship Program

    The registered apprenticeship model gives employers an opportunity to build a workforce trained to meet their specific skill needs. Apprenticeships offer a flexible training solution, aligned with national and company-specific standards resulting in a well-skilled, well-rounded worker ready for a professional career in the company.


    Registered Apprenticeships help businesses thrive. For every dollar spent on apprenticeship, employers get an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity. (U.S. Department of Labor)


    • Develop highly-skilled, highly productive employees Increase safety in the workplace Create a more diverse workforce and new pool of workers
    • Reduce turnover rates Increase productivity Lower recruitment costs
    • A business services representative at your local workforce center will work with you and your partners to:

    Understand the registered apprenticeship training and employment model Identify roles within your organization that align to existing apprenticeship programs Connect you with appropriate resources to assist with creating and maintaining a program Assist you with recruiting candidates and making program updates as your workforce needs evolve.

    To find out more about the Registered Apprenticeships program contact your Local Business Development Representative at the Workforce Center.

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